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What’s a light novel? 2009/09/15

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After an extensive search on the net about light novels, I came across the magazine Karui Shousetsu Magazine.  I was glad to learn that someone had decided to create a light novel magazine in English.  I have even downloaded the magazine.  I was ready to offer my services to the magazine as an editor and a writer, but there hasn’t been another issue since the first one.  No one has returned my message about contributing, so I think that I have given up on trying to be apart of someone else’s project. 

Instead, I thought that I would just create my own light novel magazine.  I have a good idea about how I want my magazine, “Monthly Capriccio” to look, but what I need are more people to help me with the creation of it.  I have a handful of people who have expressed interest in the magazine.  That’s great, but I have gotten another response from people.  Many times, people have just asked, “What’s a light novel?”  Being asked this question is only further evidence that we fans of the light novel are but a niche of a niche.  I heard that more people are aware of the visual novel than the light novel.

By creating “Monthly Capriccio,” I want to increase people’s awareness of the light novel.  Maybe one day, the light novel can be as popular as it is in Japan…or at least be as popular as manga are in the US.  Even if that’s too idealistic of me, at least it’s something I can aim for.


One Response to “What’s a light novel?”

  1. Peter Barton Says:

    Easiest way to describe a light novel is to say it’s a novella, since that is what a light novel is. Not as long as a novel, but longer than a novelette.

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