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The Perfect Genre 2009/09/26

Light novels are written in a variety of genres and can of course be written in a way that overlaps and/or merges genres. In Japan, certain genres seem to be more popular, or at least it seems like more light novels are written in certain genres rather than others.

I think the most popular genres for light novels are romantic comedy, mystery, and sci-fi/fantasy, but that’s in Japan. What about in America? I think people would prefer to read sci-fi/fantasy light novels more, but that could be because many people who enjoy sci-fi/fantasy also enjoy manga, anime, videogames, and light novels.

Or perhaps it’s a simple question of demographics. Do more boys read light novels than girls? It seems that in Japan, more light novels are aimed at males. Is it the same or different for the United States and other countries?

And finally, what genre of light novel do you prefer? What genre of light novel would you like to see in Monthly Capriccio? What genre is the most appealing to you? I would like to hear everyone’s opinions on this, so please leave your comments below.


2 Responses to “The Perfect Genre”

  1. MojinR Says:

    As far as reading in general, I believe its mostly dominated by females. It can depend on the genre but women generally read more books and stories than men based on all the surveys and studies I’ve seen.

    I, personally, would like all types of genres to be in Monthly Capriccio. It would appeal to a slightly larger audience than sticking stubbornly to a specialized niche. The diversity would only help us. My own tastes in genres is rather limited though.

  2. Antares Says:

    I’d have to agree with MojinR in terms of which gender reads the most over here.

    In terms of genres we go for, I’d say that it’d be best for issue zero to let each author stick to their greatest strength, and then for them each to expand via the LN relay idea.

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