Monthly Capriccio

A blog dedicated to the ezine "Monthly Capriccio," a monthly light novel magazine.

Beneath the Surface 2009/10/14

Filed under: an idea for the ezine — nolwenn961 @ 2:15 pm

I know that things seem like they have become a little stagnant for Monthly Capriccio, but there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface. This ezine is a big job, and I want to put all of my best effort into it. If I’m going to do this and do it right, then it’ll take some time. I’m prepared for that because I am absolutely serious about doing this ezine and making it something worthwhile, something our readers can tell other people about.

In the next few days, I hope to be adding something to the site including better submission guidelines so you can have a better idea of what we’re looking for to include in this ezine. I also want to add some links about light novels. If you have any suggestions, links, or comments on how we can improve this blog or the ezine, I am open to your input as usual, so don’t be shy!


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