Monthly Capriccio

A blog dedicated to the ezine "Monthly Capriccio," a monthly light novel magazine.

About 2009/09/15

“Capriccio” means caprice, whim, fancy, impulse–words that I would use to describe my impression of a light novel. Many of the stories told between the pages of a light novel are often fun, unusual, and interesting stories that are told very quickly, perhaps on an impulse. It was this word that first popped into my head when I knew that I wanted to start a light novel ezine.

Monthly Capriccio is a monthly serialized light novel ezine designed to help increase awareness about light novels and help increase its popularity.

The reason that I wanted to create this ezine is because I enjoy light novels, but feel like they do not get enough exposure in the United States. I am also a writer, and I have found that anime, manga, and light novels have a great influence on my writing.

Light novels are works of fiction written primarily for young adults although some light novels have been about more serious subject matter. Written in a wide variety of genres, light novels appeal mostly to audiences that enjoy anime and/or manga and are often distinguished by their anime or manga style cover and black and white manga style illustrations. Light novels are written in a way to be read very quickly. Please click here for more information.  For further reference, please see K-Ske Hasegawa’s Ballad of a Shinigami.  You can find the preview at


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