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Beneath the Surface 2009/10/14

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I know that things seem like they have become a little stagnant for Monthly Capriccio, but there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface. This ezine is a big job, and I want to put all of my best effort into it. If I’m going to do this and do it right, then it’ll take some time. I’m prepared for that because I am absolutely serious about doing this ezine and making it something worthwhile, something our readers can tell other people about.

In the next few days, I hope to be adding something to the site including better submission guidelines so you can have a better idea of what we’re looking for to include in this ezine. I also want to add some links about light novels. If you have any suggestions, links, or comments on how we can improve this blog or the ezine, I am open to your input as usual, so don’t be shy!


A Good Artist Is Hard to Find 2009/09/25

I realize that this is an ezine, an ezine that focuses primarily on the text inside it, but the irony of that is that what we need to really draw in the readers is art, not words. That’s not to say that words aren’t important because that’s obviously not true, but art is more eye-catching than text alone.

Take a relatively unknown or new manga, for example. If potential readers aren’t drawn in by the artist’s name, then what ultimately must draw in the readers it the art, specifically cover art. That’s why I’m in search of a few good artists who are passionate about what they do and hopefully a few will be into light novels.

An attention-grabbing color cover will be especially advantageous to the ezine, but I can’t leave out the contents of the ezine. Remember, one of the defining qualities of a light novel are its mangaeque illustrations. I’ll need artists to illustrate the stories, but that shouldn’t be too much work for the individual artist. As a serialized ezine, there will be one chapter of each story per issue, so that would mean no more than two illustrations per story. Even a single illustration for each story is fine.

There are some really amazing artists out there, artists that are just waiting to get out there and have their name known to the world. It’s my hope that I will be able to provide a few artists with a means of being more recognizable, that is to people who adore light novels. And perhaps the audience of this ezine will expand far beyond that barrier.

I’ve been told that DeviantArt would be my best place to search, and that’s where I’ll start, but I wonder if there is another source of untapped talent that I can look? I’m sure I’ll know what I’m looking for when I see it. I want this to be art that will make the Japanese manga industry jealous, art that is original and truly stands out on its own.


Relay Novel 2009/09/17

I was doing some random internet searching on the Japanese side of the internet when I came across the words “relay novel.”  I didn’t really know what it was until I thought about it.  Can you imagine it, a team of writers sitting down, one person scribbling away at the page then passes it off to the next writer sitting beside him or her?  There’s no timer, but there’s lots or pressure (maybe).  That’s how I imagined it, this high-stakes over the top literary drama.  A relay novel is not exactly like that (although it could be).

My point is what if I wrote a relay novel with some of the other writers who have agreed to contribute to the ezine?  That could be fun.  With each issue, there’s a new chapter published, and people will anticipate the next issue to find out what will happen next or what kind of twist there’ll be.  Anyway, that’s just a thought.  I’m not sure if anyone would want to do that.  Am I the only one?  It could have a really wacky or quirky name that would make people think, “Hey, what’s that?” when they read the title.

On another note, I got a story from someone who wants to write for the magazine.  I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll gladly look it over.  I’m still in need of writers as well as other people.  Maybe what this ezine blog needs is a google group.  I couldn’t find anything when searching “light novel.”  Such a shame.  Let’s get that awareness up, up, up!