Monthly Capriccio

A blog dedicated to the ezine "Monthly Capriccio," a monthly light novel magazine.

The Vision 2009/09/21

The goal is to produce a monthly serialized ezine published on and embedd on blogs and other light novel, anime, and manga-related sites. The serialzed stories will be collected and released in bound volumes after serialization of several chapters and sold as e-books on Smashwords is a site that allows writers to self-publish, and is perfect for niche markets and indie authors and publishers. Issuu is a site that specializes in web publications, allowing readers to view content without having to download it.

Selling light novels in bound volumes will not only allow the writers in the magazine to get published, but it will also allow them to put their work out in the world and gain exposure. Selling light novels will prompt readers interested in purchasing books to read the magazine, and fans of the magazine will be able to purchase works that they enjoy.

The magazine will consist of original works and manga from a variety of genres in English submitted by writers and artists in chapter form on a monthly basis. The content is to be work influenced by anime, manga, video games, and other light novels targeted at fans who enjoy these things.


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